Academic Mentoring

Academic Mentoring

A relationship in which an experienced, academically-successful person supports a less experienced person who desires to improve their academic performance.

How can it help improve your student’s academic performance?

I help with student performance based on a function I learned in business school.  The theory is that Performance is a function of:

  • Motivation
  • Opportunity
  • Clarity of Expectations
  • Ability

By meeting with your student regularly to review recent performance and how these factors contributed to success or falling short, we increase internal motivation by improving clarity of expectations, creating opportunity with planning and time management, and adding skills (self-management and academic) to build ability.

The benefits include improved:

  • Internal Motivation
  • Time Planning and Management
  • Clarity and Clarification of Expectations
  • Academic Skills
  • Success Skills and Habits
  • Academic Momentum
  • Self-esteem based not only on kind words, but on self-reflection after self-generated success