Lively Discussion

To be considered well-educated, we must learn to express our ideas eloquently in conversation.

The goal of our lively discussions will be to prepare students for college and later life when clear, collaborative inquiry will yield tremendous dividends.  

We pursue this goal by practicing:

  • Wrestling with big questions as a group
  • Quoting from the text to support our propositions
  • Disagreeing without being disagreeable
  • Seeking to understand other viewpoints without sacrificing our own values

To this end, we use a version of the Socratic method:

  • With leading questions we seek to pull intelligence from each other rather than didactically delivering a “Truth”
  • The focus is on dialouge around shared inquiry rather than on formal debate
  • This is a kind, encouraging Socratic Seminar approach, not Paper Chase/Harvard Law School intellectual combat
  • Our goal is always to meet each other kindly where we are and gently guide each other to more refined thinking, understanding, and expression.