She's bright, she'll be fine

Oh, the waste of this fallacy.

So many gifted students are left to find their own path through the educational process.  Some do well, some don’t.   Even the students who choose the high road miss important opportunities unless they are supported in actively directed learning.

In my mind, I see a large ship’s chart unrolling before me. I see the course being plotted across a huge, mysterious sea toward the  far and foreign land of the future.


If I set off from Tatoosh island after leaving Puget Sound heading to Hawaii, a change of just a few degrees at the beginning of my journey leads to places as different as Tokyo and Hanoi.

The same is true in education; one early success on the high road can lead to a long string of future successes.

How high can your child climb?

What will improve the odds of reaching that destination?

Private tutoring is simply the most effective way to meet students where they are and raise their trajectory towards destinations that seem only distant, mysterious, and alluring today.

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest” – Benjamin Franklin


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