Customer Experience, Brand Building, and Leadership

Newton’s second law of thermodynamics, it’s not only about heat, it’s about entropy, and entropy seems to act on everything, even brands.

Customer Experience and Brand Building

Of course, some brands are hot and getting hotter while others seem to be cooling or are dead cold

When was the last time you bragged about your Buick on MySpace over an AOL internet connection?

Were all of those brands victims of expert managers who worked the numbers while missing the fire of great customer experience?

Do you ever remember thinking:

This Buick is magic!

This AOL start up CD I received in the mail is inspiring, again!

I wish Facebook was a lot more like MySpace!

Customer Experience Leadership

The difference between heating and cooling (building and entropy) seems lie in the distinction between management and leadership, e.g.:

  • Apple starts cooking under the leadership Steve and Steve
  • Apple cooling/dissipating under expert managers Scully and Spindler
  • Apple refocuses and gains heat after Jobs returns to leadership
  • Apple becomes the most valuable company in the world in April 2012 with a valuation over $600 billion making it one of the two most valuable companies in history.
    • n.b. The other was Microsoft in 1999 at the peak of the first internet bubble.

Jobs combined an artist’s commitment to elegance in Customer Experience/UX – from product design, interface quality, to site/store experience, even to packaging with notoriously driven and focused leadership practices aimed at delivering a customer experience vision.

Customer Experience Management v. Customer Experience Leadership

Is the distinction between managers and leaders in their balancing of numbers and vision?

Do managers use vision to reach an envisioned financial/organizational/brand metric goals?

Do leaders use numbers along the path toward a vision of a relationship between their customers and their own lives mediated by the company’s product/service?

Of course, every successful business person is partially a manager and partially a leader, but what’s the current balance at the top of your organization?

What would it take to shift your leadership’s focus to one with a clear vision of customer’s experience that builds heat in your brand?