Iron sharpens iron

When sharpening, a few variables produce the desired result:

  1. The quality of the sharpening steel
  2. Angle of approach
  3. Pressure

Most large group education uses:

  1. a lowest common denominator sharpening steel (so no one gets hurt),
  2. a sharp angle (a rigid, methodical approach)
  3. high pressure (homework, drill, grades and standardized testing).

I use the finest quality sharpening steel (Aristotle, Plato, Newton, Jefferson, Franklin, Emerson, Thoreau)

An angle of approach suited to you, today.  

What will light the fire of curiosity and love of learning right now?

Low pressure, in fact, my life’s work is to create a safe, exciting bridge between your heart and mind and the great hearts and minds of our civilization.

What steel have you found most formative in your sharpening process?

I’d love to hear in comments below.